Curdled Words

See that thing in the back of the fridge?

Yes, that thing. The thing you forgot about.

It’ll be quite a bit of work to get that cleaned out. It may be easier to just throw it away.

Or deal with it later.

Kinda like this blog.

And how I handled this blog for the past year and a half… by not handling it…

I could throw excuses out that I was busy and going through a fairly existential crisis, but that doesn’t much change how neglected this space became.

How I neglected my writing as a whole.

This scares me a little since I am always full to the brim with ideas, characters, and plots. Did I stunt and rot my creativity by bottling it up this whole time? Or maybe just stunt and rot my soul a little?


Stephen King once said that life is not a support system for writing, writing is a support system for life.


Since I could use a little self-support right now, I’ll be writing a lot more on here again. Regularly. Consistently. Not forgetting or brushing aside.


I can do this.




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