Story Time: The Rogue

It’s about time I come up for air from “working on my manuscript and totally not procrastinating the crap out of it all”. You know what that means: Chuck Wendig challenge! Luckily, this week is an easy one. One character. 250 Words. Here we go.

“So, you deny kidnapping the Princess of Briel?” The big man eyed the shackled woman sitting across the table.

“I was embarking on a well deserved holiday when I found her wandering the White Forest with Captain Viscetor. Well, sort of with. By day she was a lynx and by night he was a bear.” Her tone conveyed growing boredom.

“Right… and it was supposedly the three-eyed monks that perpetrated this?”

“Monks of the Order of the Third Eye, but mostly their High Preceptor, Count Dev…. Devillerus. Something like that. Creepy type fellow. Real baddie.”

“Count DeRovius. Found mauled to death in the King’s Treasury, where you were trespassing.”

“Oh, is that what this is all about? The Treasury holds the only Pearl of Purity to lift the spell. Or curse. I’m not really sure what the difference is between the two. Either way, this is really a waste of time. Any minute I’ll be pardoned and released by the Princess or the Captain.”

“Not this time. The Princess of Briel is a foreign dignitary with no authority in this jurisdiction and Captain Viscetor is under administrative investigation for his absence without official leave. He is thus stripped of rank until a judiciary committee has convened. Which leaves nobody to rescue you.”

She tucked her long auburn hair behind an ear as she grinned. The iron shackle was missing from her wrist.

“You should know better by now. I’m Cossima Renhaus and I’m not the type to need rescuing.”


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